Deramic's Clay Studio


About the Pottery

    Deramics pottery is lead free, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe.  Do not place the pottery on the stove top, onto direct flame, into a microwave oven directly from the freezer, or into a hot oven.  Warm the pottery with the oven to avoid thermal shock.

   All my pottery, whether porcelain or stoneware is fired to 2200 degrees F.  Almost watertight.  If you put water in it for extended periods of time, place a coaster under it to prevent water damage to furniture.

   Deramics pottery is hand thrown on a potters wheel, slab built, pinched, or a combination of these.  Pieces are decorated by hand throughout their creation.  Colorants are added to the clay or different clays are mixed together before the pot is created. Texture is applied while the piece is being made or after.  Process texture includes throwing rings, a corrugated look if pots are coil built, the fabric texture of slabs that are rolled out onto it and many others.  Applied textures include stamping, carving, pressing, ripping, sanding, etc.  Slips, colorants, and glazes are applied while the pieces are still wet, after they are are dried, and after they are bisque fired.  The pieces are then fired a second time.  Occasionally a piece is re-glazed or luster is applied and the piece is fired again.